“The Judas Kiss”

The mind races in Robbie’s brain. The friend has to go, get out of town and into the coach, to train, to the ship. But Oscar Wilde wants to necessarily even say goodbye to his lover, the egomaniacal young Lord, who dragged him in everything, the process, the imminent arrest. Robbie is afraid of this conversation. He suspects that Oscar will do what Lord Alfred, the all “Bosie” call wants.

Robert Ross could cry, shout, plead. But he forced himself to rest, trembling a little, seems on the verge of implosion. And then him this Bosie yet also says: “Life has you allocated the easiest role The Third Robbie, the role of the third party can anyone play this you need no real talent you play them perfectly, but remember:…. It is an insignificant role. ” David Hare’s new play “The Judas Kiss” is not just an evening function and betrayal, about the last years of the poet Oscar Wilde. It is also the tragedy of the Third, the reasonable, good-hearted Robbie, who precisely because he is so reasonable and kind, has no chance in the game of great passions.

David Hare is one of the hottest stage and Writers in England and the United States. With him the audience need no previous knowledge. Everything that is important for the understanding of the action will be declared on stage. Hares art is to pack his subjects so attractive that nobody feels wrong. He writes pointedly and exciting, while ever without betraying the feelings of the effect. Here Hare remains formally conservative. Even “The Judas Kiss” is a typical conversation piece, standing where people sit and talk. If there would be no concept of “well made play” for a long time, he may have to be invented for the pieces of the 52 year old David Hare.

Two episodes of Oscar Wilde’s biography tells David Hare: The first act takes place in 1895. In London began a drive against the gay poet. Behind the father of his lover who Bosie reconnected wants to get back within the limits of the noble family. Wilde’s libel trial, loses the case and is now accused himself. Police hesitates out his arrest, to give him the opportunity to escape. In his hotel room, the site of so many pleasurable nights, the dream refuge decides Wilde to stay in England. He can not keep Bosie and hopes to see him so quickly. Nevertheless, it leaves the young lord, to avoid being caught by the police with the known homosexuals. Only the honest Robbie stays with Oscar. Two years later repeated the betrayal: Wilde has expiated imprisonment. He immediately travels to Bosie, who now resides in Naples and lounge around with neat Italian fishermen. Wilde breaks with his family and friends the past, are on everything for the beloved. But the finds no pleasure in the aged, broken man, whose biting humor, he never liked. Bosie declared his homosexuality for a pubertal phase and returns to his family. Wilde is debased by money settlement fully and should not show understanding. It calls for a goodbye kiss on the cheek, the Judas kiss. If even the downfall is inevitable by treason, then at least with level.