The drama of the artist : For example, Oscar Wilde

The fox deserves the chance to escape, said the court, gave himself generously and delayed the imminent arrest of Oscar Wilde by a few hours. For the way into exile. But the poet remained, got his process and the maximum penalty, two years’ imprisonment on charges of “fornication with men”.

Why the fox did not took his chance; why sacrifice the world famous genius of the inhuman laws of Victorian England? – This question gave the British playwright David Hare the material for his latest play “The Judas Kiss”, which premiered with sensational success at London’s Almeida Theatre with Hollywood size Liam Neeson in the title role. Now had the German-language premiere Premiere in Essen Grillo Theatre.

The author made famous with witty conversation pieces and movie screenplays ( “Wetherby”, “fate”) is smart enough, the relevant (Wilde-) Justice-pieces in which holds the course indignant public judgment of a court (s. WORLD 21. 9. 99), not to add yet another. Also, there is David Hare not politically correct and en passant voyeuristic audience interests use helping hand for the emancipation of a minority. Hare (52) tells, wit and melancholy fine, balancing that so sad how trivial story of a betrayal. Above all, he sings the praises of an unconditional, ending in self-destruction faithfulness to himself – without posing ever in emotion. He sketched a soul mixture of masochism and politically intendiertem Aller-world-the-end-bidding. His exciting play is about serious Stay rather slight Flee; of a consciously accepted to be martyrdom of some compulsive self-stylization and the lust for scandal of an artist and the bourgeois, ie general human right to (including ruinous) self-determination. It is not the uprising of a gay against prevailing moral and legal notions.

Wilde professes never officially his homosexual condition , but insists only on his right , he be allowed to be yourself. The author makes him say : Bring to me because you hate me . But do not kill , because you want to change. – With the run from the process Wilde fears a mutilation of his soul , the first power source of his art . And knows all too well as a poet : ” Before you did not suffer , it’s all just conjecture . ” – The bitter Pointe in existence of the poet : At the end of his ordeal – betrayed by idolized lover Lord Douglas , this ” gilded pillar of infamy ” , and broken by the time in prison (1895-1897) – became extinct his poetic fire . 1898 appeared ” The Ballad of Reading Gaol ” ; In late November 1900, he died , only 46 years old , in self-imposed isolation .